Website Launch

Well, here it is; the official launch of my own website! Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who have encouraged me to pursue my dream and for giving me the confidence to get out there and do it! I’d also like to thank Nick my web designer for a beautiful and professional website; great job!

As for the purpose of this blog; I will try to post interesting, thought provoking ideas about the field of Early Childhood Education and the amazing children we teach and care for. This is a challenging field in that we have the most responsible and important job in the world….

As I have said in many workshops “parents come to you every morning and ask you to care for the most precious thing they have, as if you were them- their child”.

What a revelation! We are the “daytime parents” watching first steps, hearing first words and hopefully recording those amazing milestones so we can share them with their family at the end of the day.

But how to stay motivated?

Often, we are not staying as a result of the amazing pay and benefits and perhaps we are not staying for the fantastic vacation incentives or bonuses….. but we do stay! With wonderful rewards of the heart, and the satisfaction of knowing we have done a great job. And we must continue to come to the children with the same energy, excitement and curiosity for the wonders of the world as they do.

So let’s ponder and search, and find the motivation to continue to help create the most amazing environments for these individuals as they grow and develop. Let us support each other; giving praise and encouragement to each other along the way, with the confidence that with our current knowledge and understanding of the importance of our relationships with children and families, we will make a difference.

Please join me along the way on this journey, I look forward to and appreciate your participation, comments and feedback.

Talk to you soon!