Nature of Kids:
Nature and Nurture

Monica website pic (2)Monica Carruthers-Early Childhood Professional Development Consultant

Working with young children is one of the most rewarding jobs!

Forming positive, healthy relationships with the children in our care promotes brain development, lifelong health, happiness and socially competent adults. It is a huge responsibility that we have taken on whether we are in the role of teacher or parent!  In addition, reconnecting children with nature and natural elements in the world ALSO promotes positive mental health and brain development. The relationship children have with nature and science helps them understand their world and develop a passion to explore it with curiosity and exuberance.

The result of the combination of these two important concepts is how I chose the name for my website; NatureofKids!

Engaging in Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) is not only very important to our work with children, but helps us stay current, connected and motivated! The many workshops and mentoring opportunities available at NatureOfKids will help you in being purposeful in your planning for relationships, curriculum and meaningful environments.

Monica Carruthers RECE, ECRT, AECEO.C

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